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Cheer Team

Cheer Team

RMS Raiders Cheer Team History

Riverview Middle School (RMS) Raiders Jr. High Cheer Team began in 2002 – 2003 as a club by Christy Belcourt (coach) with Linda Harrison and Donna O’Neill (Teacher Advisors).

We did not become a competing team until 2003/2004, entering many competitions and then Zones in Athabasca, which we continue to attend, we also participate in our local hometown parade every year, plus other activities in our school  like assemblies and activities our community as well, for instance: in years past we cheered for the Winter Olympic Torch Bearer which came through our town . We have also attended Jr. High Cheerleading Provincials. At one point we did have an competing Elementary Cheer Team too.

Over the years our team has seen many changes from our school colours, mascots and our uniforms, butthing that has not changed is the  enthusiasm for the team has keep us going for the last 15 yrs. Over the years we have had many girls have come through our program, some have gone on to be Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleaders and some have become coaches for other teams, but the friendships they built will always remain.

The  team is still coached by Christy Belcourt, with our Teacher advisor Jamie Iversen and Jr. Coach Regan Hugh. We are still going strong and looking forward to next season.

Cheers and Thanks

Christy Belcourt  (Coach)