Riverview Middle School


School Council

The School Council exists as a forum for parents, students, teachers and community members to provide input, in an advisory capacity, to the administration of the school. Council also initiates or contributes to projects to enhance the school. Council members meet regularly to discuss and address issues in the school or in education across the province. All members of the school community are encouraged to attend meetings to provide valuable input.

Below you will find information about our executive as well as links to key documents!

School Council Executive:

Chair: Becky Dupont
Vice Chair: Blake Adams
Secretary: Katryn Mawson-Dalmer

Fundraising Society:

Chair: Rebekah Ott
Vice Chair: Blake Adams
Secretary: Katryn Mawson-Dalmer
Treasurer: Lorie Stelter

For more information on on School Council including agenda, bylaws, principal report, financial reports, etc. please click HERE.
To get in touch with the School Council click HERE.

Please check out our school calendar to find out when the next meeting is along with the virtual link to join.