Black Gold School Division
Riverview Middle School



Each June, Riverview Middle School honours students from the previous school year for their academic and extra-curricular excellence. The following awards are given out on an annual basis.

Honourable Mention, Honours, Honours with Distinction for all grade levels

Fine Arts Awards

  • Jr High Art

  • Jr High Drama

  • Jr High Band

Complementary Course Awards

  • Jr High Industrial Arts

  • Spanish

  • Jr High Foods

  • Outdoor Pursuits

  • Leadership

Perfection on Achievement Exams

  • This award is dedicated to students who receive a grade of 100% on an achievement exam.

Citizenship awards

  • Awarded to an elementary and junior high student who
    • Display respect for students and staff
    • Participates in school activities
    • Demonstrate leadership in classroom and in school as whole
    • Show commitment to their studies

 Athletic Awards

  • Presented to the male and female student in each grade who actively participates in school sports and displays sportsmanship, a strong commitment Riverview’s athletic program, and excellent leadership on and off the court

Scholar Athletes

  • A scholar athlete is someone who:
    • Is in grade 9
    • Participates in a minimum of 2 school sport seasons: one of which is volleyball, badminton or basketball
    • Displays excellence in athletics and Phys Ed
    • Maintains  honors (i.e. GPA of 80% or higher)
    • Leader on and off the court

Progressive Student Award

  •  Awarded by the staff to the student who displays the most growth and improvement in all areas

Proficiency Award

  • Awarded to the student with the second highest average
  • Each student will be receiving a certificate

Raider’s Pride Award

  • Awarded to students who:
    • Display a strong work ethic outside the classroom
    • Are willing to assist at any time
    • See projects through to the end

Top Academic Student in each Core Subjects

Highest Overall Average